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Alienware computer cases for building high performance and gaming PC's

By Robert B.

When I think of gaming PC's, I think of Alienware computer cases and their extravagant colors and designs.

These computer cases are built by gamers for gamers!

As computer processors, motherboards, etc. become more powerful, they cause your computer case to become hotter inside.

Also, have you ever noticed the mass of cables strewn all over the place behind your computer?

Well, Alienware computer cases and gaming PC's address ALL of these issues!

Here's just a sample of the features Alienware computer cases offer:

  • Cooling system - These Alienware cases come with multiple intake and exhaust fans for your computer, to make sure the air is being properly circulated in your gaming PC's. An extra plus is that the fans glow blue or red!

  • Multiple front USB ports - With my current computer case I always have to feel around behind my computer to find a USB port. These Alienware computer cases have them built into the front for easy access!

  • Extra screw holders - Ever had any extra computer case screws, but no idea where to put them? Alienware gaming PC's have built in screw holders into their cases. How cool is that?!

  • Thumb screws - Before I purchased a computer case with a clear side, I'd always have to look for a screw driver to open up my computer. With Alienware computer cases, the case is closed with easy to open thumb screws!

  • Cable Management - I've yet to see this feature in any other computer case. Alienware cases have a built in cable management systems that attach to the back of their cases that help to route all of your audio, video, and peripheral cables.

  • Metallic finish - Finally, these cases are a gem to look at! Their shiny metallic luster and smooth curves are eye candy. Alienware computer cases are among the best looking ones on the market!

Every time I get a glimpse of these Alienware computer cases I drool! These things are by far among to highly designed computer cases currently on the market.

The easiest way to get one of these awesome computer cases is to custom order gaming PC's from Alienware. They save you the hassle of twiddling with computer parts and offer great prices. If you're serious about getting a top of the line computer case instead of one of those old beige boxes, I recommend that you purchase Alienware computer cases and components here.

Also, you won't be able to purchase Alienware cases by themselves. But if you like their style, I recommend that you check out these other performance computer cases that look and work just as good, at a fraction of the price.