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My cheap computer tool kits suggestions to build your PC

By Robert B.

In order to build your own computer you're going to need some basic cheap computer tool kits.

If you shop around online like how I have, you should be able to find some good, cheap deals. If you're interested in the tool kits I've found then search online for some cheap deals on computer tool kits.
But there are some basic tools that you'll need when working on a computer.

From your selection of cheap computer tool kits, make sure they include the following at a MINIMUM and that they are NOT magnetic:

  • Antistatic wrist band - This is a must-have for any cheap computer tool kit. Your computer's components are very sensitive to static electricity. Make sure that you always have your anti static wrist band on when working on your computer. Other options include working on anti static mats while wearing a wristband.

  • Needle-nose pliers and Tweezers - These tools come in use when handling small screws and bits of metal. Your computer's circuitry is very precise and you'll need some good tweezers and pliers to hold things into place.

  • Screwdrivers - Another requirement for cheap computer tool kits. You should have at least one small Phillips and Flathead screwdriver in your kit.

  • Spare parts container - You'll be surprised how handy one of these will be. They can be used to store small parts, screws, spacers, etc.

  • Nut drivers - Although these aren't a requirement for your tool kit, most tool kits come with some nut drivers. I have yet to use mine, but someday I'll probably need them.

  • Small flash light - Most cheap computer tool kits don't come with a small flashlight, it is a good thing to have when your working in a dark computer case. I would keep a keychain size flashlight in my tool kit.

Those are pretty much the basic tools that you'll need in a cheap computer tool kit. Unless you get into fixing computers as a profession, chances are you won't even need to use all of the tools I've included above. Here's where you can buy some good large computer tool kits.