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Before purchasing a hard drive, you should have a look at computer hard drive reviews

By Robert B.

If you're looking for computer hard drive reviews, then you're probably looking for a good hard drive, right?

But what exactly makes a hard drive any good?

What should you look for?

Well I hope to answer those questions and more here!

Just keep in mind, the amount of data that a hard drive can hold should NOT be the only thing you look for in a hard drive.

Click here for the best deals I've found on good hard drives. iconIn computer hard drive reviews, some characteristics you should consider are:

  • Interface - When looking at computer hard drive reviews, the three most common types of interfaces are IDE, Serial ATA, and SCSI (pronounced Skuzzy). The IDE, also known as ATA-100, is a very common format of hard drive and it is slightly cheaper and slower than the other two formats. The Serial ATA, or known as S-ATA-150, is newer than the traditional IDE. Finally, the SCSI interface is by far the fastest, most efficient hard drive, but it comes with a rather large price tag.

  • Size - When I say size isn't the only thing that matters, I mean it! In your computer hard drive reviews, look for a drive that is AT LEAST 60-80 GB. Larger hard drives are so inexpensive these days that it makes sense to get a high capacity one.

  • Spindle Speed (RPM's) - The amount of time it takes for your hard drive transfer, read, and write information is determined by this. Look for 7200 RPM at a minimum when you are looking at computer hard drive reviews.

  • Cache Size - The cache retains recently accessed information to speed up subsequent accesses to the same data. So naturally the larger cache your hard drive has, the more information it can store on the fly.

Using the points that I mentioned above, lets look at some computer hard drive reviews.

Buy the Seagate 300GB SATA-150 Hard Drive here.

  • Interface - SATA 150
  • Size - 300 GB
  • Spindle Speed (RPM's) - 7200 RPM
  • Cache Size - 8 MB
Conclusion - This is a good Seagate Hard drive, in fact it is the next one that I want to use. It is quick and very reliable. And with 300 GB of space, you'll have plenty of room for audio and video. My computer hard drive review - Although this is in the newer SATA format, it is still a great hard drive and a great deal.

Purchase the Maxtor 250GB ATA IDE Hard Drive here.

  • Interface - SATA 150 EIDE
  • Size - 250 GB
  • Spindle Speed (RPM's) - 7200 RPM
  • Cache Size - 8 MB
Conclusion - If you are looking for a good, middle of the market hard drive, then you can't go wrong with this one. The technology isn't very modern, considering it is a ATA IDE, but it has a large Cache. My computer hard drive review - If you don't have problems with a slightly dated, but reliable drive, this is a good hard drive.

Get a Western Digital 320GB ATA-100 EIDE Hard Drive here.

  • Interface - Ultra ATA-100
  • Size - 320 GB
  • Spindle Speed (RPM's) - 7200 RPM
  • Cache Size - 8 MB
Conclusion - This hard drive is only slightly more expensive than the first one I reviewed, but it has a cache that is four times as large! My computer hard drive review - If you're looking for a quick 120 GB hard drive, I'd take this one over the first one any day!

Just one final note when reading computer hard drive reviews, make sure you get a drive that is supported by your motherboard and has enough free space to last you as your computer grows! Now you need to know how to install a hard drive in your computer.

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