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Using computer processor reviews to choose a processor for your PC

By Robert B.

It's critical to use computer processor reviews when you're selecting your CPU or you're taking a chance. Your processor may not be compatible with your motherboard or it may not give you all of the power that you need.

There are two main brands of computer processors on the market: Intel and AMD Athlon.

Although Intel processors have been dominate in the past, Athlon has been able to match the processing power and are generally cheaper.

Click here to buy one of these excellent computer processors. iconSo what exactly should you look for in computer processor reviews?

  • Socket Type - If you already have a motherboard, then you should select a processor that fits the socket type of your motherboard. Socket A is AMD Athlon, Socket 478 are for Intel IV and newer Intel Celeron processors, while Socket 370 is for older Intel processors. In your computer processor reviews, look for atleast a Socket 478 if you're going for the Intel route, or a Socket A for an AMD Athlon processor.

  • Processor Speed - This is what really matters when you're looking at computer processor reviews. The higher the amount of GHz, the faster your processor will be. There are currently processors on the market that go from 1.6 to about 3.06 GHz. I wouldn't choose the most expensive one you can get because it will become outdate fairly quickly anyways. Picking one in the middle of the road, around 2 GHz should be more than fine. Most processors are also 32-bit, except for the newer ones that are 64-bit. The 64-bit processors allow you to run about twice the amount of programs, but they come with a hefty price tag, in the $600 and $700 range. My advice, go for a 32-bit, the 64-bit ones will go down in price.

Keeping those above points in mind, lets look at my computer processor reviews of some of the most common processors on the market:

Intel® Celeron 2.93GHz
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  • Processor Socket Type - Socket 478
  • Processor Speed - 2.93 GHz
Conclusion - This Intel processor isn't one of the most impressive processors, but it will certainly get the job done when it comes to making your PC run good. My computer processor review - If you're on a budget, this is the processor that I would look at.

Intel® Pentium® IV 3.0GHz
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  • Processor Socket Type - Socket 478
  • Processor Speed - 3.0 GHz
Conclusion - This Intel Pentium 4 processor is a great "middle of the road" processor. It's about 25% faster than the above mentioned processor for only slightly more. Being an Intel Pentium 4 it offers more features and better technology than the Celeron processor. My computer processor review - If you have a PC that desires lots of processing power for gaming, graphics, etc., I would HIGHLY recommend this processor.

AMD Athlon™ 64 3800+
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  • Processor Socket Type - Socket 9
  • Processor Speed - 2.4 GHz
Conclusion - This AMD Athlon 64 is a great processor, even inspite of it only being 2.4 GHz, it still performs! Athlon processors are great for handling video and voice data. My computer processor review - If you plan on watching videos, making videos, or listening to plenty of audio, be sure to give this processor a look!

I hope my computer processor reviews helped you in deciding on a processor that is right for your needs and uses! If you have your processor, then you should start installing a cpu into your motherboard!

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