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Links to other good computer sites

I have looked under every digital rug for good computer sites.

There are many excellent computer resources out there, and here are just a few, all of which are included in my personal bookmarks.

I visit most of these sites on a daily basis.

(Yes, they are that good!)

Info Sites

Product Reviews

  • Hardware Central - Tons of hardware reviews

  • The Tech Zone - Excellent computer hardware reviews

  • Build Your Own Computers - Site very similar to my own, but features more product reviews for various computer parts.

  • A True Review - Good informational reviews on computer hardware products for the computer techie and computer modder.

  • Understand Technology - Excellent resource to help you understand electronics and their ever changing technology.

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I am constantly looking for new computer sites to add to my list. If you would like me to add your website or if you stumble across a great computer resource, please, by all means, let me know by contacting me.