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Keep that processor cool: CPU fan installation

By Robert B.

The final step to preparing your motherboard and processor for use is the CPU fan installation.

This step in building your own computer is as simple as the rest.

If your looking for a CPU fan that is compatible for your motherboard, I recommend that you buy one here.

Now, let's get on to the installation:


  • Select a CPU fan that is adequate to cooling your CPU. These fans are made specifically for processors and certain speeds, so take care when selecting a CPU fan.

  • Once your computer's CPU is properly installed, it is now time to tackle the most critical cooling system in your computer: heatsink and CPU fan installation.

  • If your CPU fan and heatsink came with a thermal pad or thermal paste, be sure to apply a very small amount to the center of the CPU. More on this paste is below.

    (click any image to zoom in)

  • Now it's time to do the CPU fan installation. Place the CPU fan on the processor. Each CPU fan has specific mounting techniques and instructions, so be sure to follow them. Most CPU fans either use a mounting clip and/or combination of screws.

  • After tightening the CPU fan down, remove it to make sure that the thermal paste spread on all portions of the CPU that will be in-contact with the CPU fan. Make sure there is an even coat; this is essential to allowing the transfer of heat from the CPU to the heatsink.

    Please note, this can introduce air bubbles into the paste. Once you have a feel for the amount of paste needed to cover the entire processor, wipe it clean and then repeat, but don't remove the heatsink this time.

  • Finally, locate on your motherboard the power lead for the CPU fan and plug the fan in.

Now that you've completed your CPU fan installation, it's time to mount your motherboard in the computer's case.

Or if you think you can install one on your own now, check online for good deals on CPU fans by searching for them.

Want even more details to install a CPU fan & heatsink?

I've released an e-book that is packed full of step-by-step instructions, photographs, and videos to help you install a CPU fan & heatsink and build your own PC.

The details provided above are only a fraction of what you'll receive in the ebook.

If you're serious about upgrading or building a computer, you'll need this guide!

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