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How to install a hard drive, floppy drive, or CD drive install

By Robert B.

If you've been a user in the past, you probably noticed that I changed the left navigation bar. Before, there was a separate listing for each type of drive install.

Now, we've condensed them into this single page. Below, you would find installs for hard drives, floppy drives, and CD/DVD ROM's. In the near future we plan to add an article for installing a second hard drive.

hard drive install Install a Hard Drive -

On this page we've documented the proper way to hard drive installation so that you don't damage your new hard drive.

Install a CD-ROM / DVD-ROM Drive -

Want to record your own CD's or watch your favorite DVD's on your computer? Installing a new CD-R drive or DVD-ROM makes this possible and we show you how here!
cd-rom drive install

floppy drive install Install a Floppy Drive -

One of the most basic drives on your computer is the floppy drive. Sometimes they will unexpectedly stop working and you'll need to install a new floppy drive. Here's how...