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How to install a floppy drive into your computer

By Robert B.

So you're ready to install a floppy drive onto that computer.

It's not difficult at all!

Just follow my easy steps and you'll have your floppy disk drive installed in no time.

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  • As always, unplug your computer and open the computer's case so you can work on it. Also make sure your grounded with a antistatic wrist band so you don't fry your PC's components.

  • If you already have a floppy drive installed, you'll have to remove it first, just follow these directions in reverse.

  • Mount your floppy disk drive in the case. For most computers cases, you slide the floppy drive into the empty drive bay from the front. Use the screws provided to install a floppy drive into the drive bay. If your drive bay does not slide out you may have to screw in the rear screw by hand like how I did.

  • Once you've installed your floppy drive in the case, connect a power source to the floppy drive. Then you must connect the ribbon cable to the back of the floppy drive. Now you must note the where the floppy drive connects to the motherboard, use the other end of the ribbon cable to make this connection.

  • Plug in your computer and power it on. Your computer should automatically recognize the new floppy disk drive.

Good work, now you know how to install a floppy drive! The only thing you have left to do is to buy a floppy drive here.

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