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How to install PCI cards on your computer's motherboard

By Robert B.

One of the easiest installs on your computer is to install PCI cards. There are about a million different types of PCI cards.

If you're looking for some, I recommend that you search online to buy video cards. The good thing is that they all are installed on your motherboard just the same!

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To install PCI cards, you need to:

  • Unplug your computer from the wall and remove your computer's case cover so that you have plenty of room to work. More on this here. Also have your antistatic wristband on because PCI cards are VERY sensitive to static electricity.

  • Locate your PCI card slots (labeled A) on your motherboard. Then use a screwdriver to remove the screw (labeled B) holding the PCI slot cover. Once removed, set aside the screw, you'll need that later!

  • Align your PCI card with the slots on the motherboard and make sure the hole in the face of the PCI card lines up over the hole which you removed the screw.

  • Now to install the PCI slot card, firmly press down on it until it is in position. Finally, replace the screw that you removed before to secure the PCI card into place.

  • Plug your computer back in and turn it on. Your computer should detect the new card and be prepared to install any new drivers.

Troubleshooting a PCI card install

Here are a couple tips if you have trouble when you install your PCI card.

  • If your computer doesn't turn on make sure the power cable is plugged into the wall and plugged into the computer's power supply.

  • After installing your PCI card, if your computer turns on but beeps a couple times and the operating system does not load, repeat the install process but try the PCI card in different slots on the motherboard, it is possible that you have a bad slot.

  • If all else fails when you install your PCI card, contact its manufacturer for more help.

Want even more details to install a PCI or Video Card?

I've released an e-book that is packed full of step-by-step instructions, photographs, and videos to help you install a PCI or Video Card and build your own PC.

The details provided above are only a fraction of what you'll receive in the ebook.

If you're serious about upgrading or building a computer, you'll need this guide!

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