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Install RAM memory & give your PC some speed

By Robert B.

It's extremely easy to install RAM memory onto your computer's motherboard. Has your computer been getting sluggish lately? Installing new RAM is a very cost effective way to give your computer some extra juice.

Upgrading your RAM memory gives you the most bang for the buck when attempting to make your computer faster and it doesn't take a specialist to do it.

If you have questions on choosing what type of RAM you need, read my tutorial on it here.

Or if your looking to buy some RAM, I've found some good deals here on computer RAM. So here's how to install RAM into your computer:

  • First, you need to unplug your computer from the wall and open your computer case to get access to the motherboard.

  • In order to install RAM you must first locate where your current RAM is on your motherboard and what it looks like. Chances are there are extra slots next to your current RAM. The great thing about most types of RAM is you can leave your current memory in your computer and place your new RAM in the next available slot.

    (click any image to zoom in)
  • Remove your RAM from its anti-static bag and hold it by the edges. Make sure you have your antistatic wrist band on so that you don't ruin your new RAM.

  • The next step to install your RAM is to determine which slot to place it into. You want to install your RAM in the lowest numbered slot or the empty slot that is closest to your filled memory slots.

  • You can only install RAM in one direction. Look on the bottom of the RAM stick. You need to line up the notches in the RAM with the keys in the slot on your motherboard.

  • Make sure the retainer clips for the RAM are all the way open. Place the RAM in the slot and gently push it straight down with your thumbs. You may have to press hard to "set" the RAM correctly. When you press down hard enough the retaining clips on either side of the RAM will snap into place, making a "clicking" sound.

  • Before closing the computer case up you should test to see if you were able to install the RAM correctly. Power up your PC and everything should work normally.

Congratulations, I know you did an excellent job on your RAM, or now your ready to install some computer RAM. Now enjoy that extra speed your computer has, you earned it.

If you need to get some computer RAM now that you know how to install it, then search online to get some great deals on RAM memory.


So did you attempt your RAM install and your computer is not working? Here are some tips:
  • If you powered on your PC and it did not turn on, IMMEDIATELY turn your computer off.

  • Check the simple things first, make sure your computer is properly connected to a power source. You'd be surprised how many times people forget to plug their computer back in!

  • Make sure the RAM is set all the way down in its slot. The retaining clips on either side should be all the way up. Also, make sure your RAM is installed in the lowest numbered slot or in the slot closest to you current RAM.

  • If trying the above fails, contact the manufacturer of the RAM and go from there, that's why they have tech. support and they should be able to help you install RAM in no time!

Want even more details to install RAM Memory?

I've released an e-book that is packed full of step-by-step instructions, photographs, and videos to help you install RAM and build your own PC.

The details provided above are only a fraction of what you'll receive in the ebook.

If you're serious about upgrading or building a computer, you'll need this guide!

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