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How to go about installing a CPU onto your motherboard

By Robert B.

Installing a CPU is a very simple task that any "average joe" can get done in 15 - 20 minutes time.

On this page I'll outline the process of how to install a CPU on a new motherboard. To remove an old CPU, the process is essentially the same, except in reverse.

Before installing a CPU, naturally, you must first select which CPU and motherboard will suit you.

To help you out with this, I recommend that you check out my computer processor reviews or search online for some deals on computer processors.

Be sure to keep in mind that motherboards only have a certain socket size, and therefore only allow one type of CPU to be installed.

  • I find it easier to work with my motherboard when it is out of the case when installing a CPU, so if your motherboard isn't out of the case then do that now.

  • Pull up the lever beside the CPU's socket.

    (click any image to zoom in)
  • The CPU will only go into the socket one way, by lining up the notch in the socket and the gold triangle on the CPU ( line up the A with the B in my pictures). Then CPU should simply drop into place. You should not have to force the CPU into the socket.

  • Now full the lever down to lock the CPU into place and secure the lever in its plastic retainer, if there is one available.

Now you're almost done installing a processor. The final step is the CPU fan installation, to keep that CPU cool.

If you haven't purchased a CPU yet, then I recommend that you search online to buy a good processor.

Want even more details to install a CPU/Processor?

I've released an e-book that is packed full of step-by-step instructions, photographs, and videos to help you install a CPU and build your own PC.

The details provided above are only a fraction of what you'll receive in the ebook.

If you're serious about upgrading or building a computer, you'll need this guide!

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