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Question: How do I perform a memory upgrade for hp xt973?

Answer :

One of the easiest ways to give your Hewlett Packard Pavillion XT973 a boost is with a RAM memory upgrade.

After doing some research, this model of HP takes PC100 SD RAM, with a maximum of 512 MB. This restriction in RAM memory when you upgrade is this level because of the motherboard's handling power.

You can check the current level of memory in your computer before upgrading by going into your Computer's system information. If you have a Windows Operating system, simply right-click on "My Computer" and then select "Properties." The level of RAM you have will be displayed at the bottom. You can't exceed 512 MB on this Hewlett Packard (HP) Machine.

Before performing any memory upgrade on your HP XT973, make sure you learn how to do it. Here is some more information about RAM memory upgrades:

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