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Q: Is mixing PC rams possible?

Question :

I have read your guide about how to install a new RAM. I want to ask you: must I buy exatcly the same RAM like my old one or can I mix it? e.g. PC2100 256 MB and PC2700 512 MB

Answer :

"Can I mix different types of ram" is a very popular question. You can mix size levels, such as 256 MB and 512 MB as long as you don't exceed your motherboards limits.

But I don't advise in mixing PC rams of different types, such as PC2100 or PC2700.

These run at different frequencies, so your computer wouldn't know how to handle it. I believe you can run a frequency lower than what you have, but this may affect your overall performance.

You absolutely can't mix SD RAM with DDR RAM or RD RAM. First, these RAMS are different shapes, so only one type will generally fit in your motherboard.

Simply stick with the the same frequency and type and you'll be fine.

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