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The Benefits of Revolutionary Modular Power Supplies!

By Robert B.

Often one of the least considered components when shopping for computer parts are the power supplies. Generally, most people only consider price and wattage, and that's the extent of their options.

If you haven't been shopping for power supplies lately, then you may not know of the latest style available.

These new power supplies are labeled as "modular power supplies."

A modular power supply is just that, modular.

So, what does that mean? First, let's talk about "regular" power supplies.

Well, the backs of traditional power supplies have many cables coming out of them to power your various devices. And even each of these "cables" are often composed of 4 small cables for power and ground.

On top of that, generally most power supplies provide more power connections than you'll ever need, so you're left with extra cables laying in your case.

All of These factors cause excess clutter inside your case; which leads to decreased air circulation and increased case temperatures. And we all know what effect excess heat can have on your components.

In addition, case modders know that extra cables laying around in your case definitely isn't cool to show off.

This brings us back to modular power supplies and why they're different than the rest.

These power supplies have detachable component cables. Instead of having to allow excess power connectors to lay around in your case with older models, now you can simply detach and store them for later use.

And generally the cables being included with these are of better quality and bound together (instead of 4 separate wires for each power connection).

While this development certainly isn't earth shattering, it is a much welcomed improvement by computer builders everywhere.

Components that clear clutter, increase airflow, and decrease heat are constantly sought after by PC builder; when advances like this incorporate all three, many consider it a blessing!

I'm not saying to go out and purchase one of these if you have a perfectly good model installed, but when you do consider building a new machine or upgrading your current power supply, definitely give one of these a look.

If you're interested in these new power supplies or want to learn more, you can purchase modular power supplies hereicon