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MP3 players to choose from

With hundreds of brands, and also, hundreds of specifications – shopping for an mp3 player is a bit like shopping for any computer related product these days. There are so many that I recommend that I can’t list them in one article.

Shopping for the right mp3 player is all about deciding on what you want in terms of storage and quality. You can them start comparing products, prices and specifications until you find something to suit. This is much the same as shopping for a home computer system or printer.

With Mac mp3 players such as the I pod, and many discount mp3 players, you are to be honest, spoilt for choice. The I pod gives excellent quality in sound, however, having had both the mini version and the older predecessor my self, the pricing is rather high for a simple music player. They’ve added games, workbooks, organizers, much the same as mobile phones.

Again though, this is about choice, some people like myself, want to buy a device for the purpose of what it is designed for. Why would I want games when I want a music player are thoughts that come to my mind?

Remember, Mp3 players are great little devices for your built computer. With the right information, you can get hold of a decent player, which won't put a hole in your hard earned cash.