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Building your own removable storage

Once you have your computer built and setup the way you want it, you may want to consider building your own removable storage.

By converting internal hard drives and optical drives in to external devices, you give your self more convenience and portability. I have recently built a 9 bay duplicator system, a jukebox, and simple portable DVD burners and external hard drives.

So what are the benefits to building your own removable storage?

The main benefit is low cost. Buying external devices can be costly for any computer user. By converting your internal drives quickly and effectively in to external devices, you save your self-hard earned bucks, and can customize a system to your needs.

How do you do this?

All you need to do is buy external enclosure and install your internal devices following the easy to use instructions provided by the manufacture. You can build removable storage and turn internal devices in to things like jukeboxes and duplicator systems like I have done. Check out my guides at Removable storage to see what I have been using for building my own storage to suit my needs.

You can find other helpful sections after your computer is built at PC and Printer Reviews

Remember that building storage this way is becoming very popular, and can be done for a very low cost.