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Tip #5 - Consider Noise & Dirt

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By Robert B.

While you're reading this can you hear the buzzing of a bee's nest over in your computer? Better yet, when's the last time you cleaned out those dust bunnies that have made your PC their new home? For the longest time I had a noisy computer with tons of the dirt and dust on the inside. My computer was so loud it distracted me while studying and woke me up while I was sleeping!

I really love my computer, but there is a problem when it starts distracting you from accomplishing other tasks. Especially sleeping! And did you know that the accumulating dust in your PC could be overheating the components and ruining them?

Today, I'm putting together a comprehensive e-book that teaches you how to build a quiet and dust-free computer. The e-book will focus on the causes of computer noise, dust, and how to affectively deal with them. If you use the wrong methods to keep your PC cool & clean, you could cause even more problems and overheating.

The noisiest component on your computer is most likely your power supply, and most of the dust that makes its way into your computer can be easily avoided with a few simple changes to your computer.

My point is, don't forget to consider the noise your computer may produce as you add more and more high performance parts. In addition, dust traps heat close to your computer parts, limiting their useable life, so try to think of ways to prevent dust and dirt from ruining your PC.