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Tip #6 - Set aside twice as much time as you think you'll need

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Use my step-by-step guide, photos, videos, and personal support to build your own computer or simply learn more about them.

By Robert B.

Building your first computer is not hard, but it's not a process meant to be rushed. I like to think of building a computer as riding a bicycle. It takes time and practice to learn, but once you have, most people wouldn't consider it "hard" to ride a bike.

Once you learn the tips and shortcuts of building your first PC, it is actually quite easy, but there is a learning curve involved. So if you think it will take you a day to build your computer, give yourself two days instead. Chances are there is something you'll forget your first time around.

Also leave yourself access to another computer, specifically the internet, while building your PC. This way it is simple to ask questions, look up info, or even order parts.

And take your time! Don't try to rush the process, that's the easiest way to damage a part. If something is not fitting properly don't force it into place! Take a breather and analyze what you might be doing wrong. Possibly do some research and then attempt to install the part correctly.

Applying to much force to a silicone circuit board can break it or create stress fractures. Although the stress fractures may not be visible, they can affect the flow of current in the board and prevent it from working properly.

If all else fails, it wouldn't hurt to ask someone for help that knows more about computer hardware than you. It will certainly save you the headache of ordering a new part after you've broken one!